Why I’m running

When my wife and I were thinking of where to raise our growing family – we chose Vaughan. With its rapid growth and its diverse communities, Vaughan was the ideal place for our family and our needs. One of our deciding factors was the impressive reputation of its schools.

However, with all 3 of our children now in the elementary public school system, we have grown disappointed in recent years with the reputation of the York Region School Board. Parents trust the School Board to provide a safe, secure, learning environment for their children and one that treats each child the same regardless of background and abilities.

Unfortunately, that trust has been damaged.

That is why I am running.

To restore that trust.

To bring a fresh perspective that reflects and appreciates the diversity of our students.

We need a School Board that represents the voices of all parents and students in the community.

Platform Pillars


Improve communication between the Board and parents.


Ensure the Board promotes student achievement for all of its students.


Ensure that affordability is not a barrier to student success.

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